Fez Markets -souk-

Markets in Morocco—called souks locally—can become endless labyrinths that are hard to get out of. This can especially be the case in Fez as the narrow streets can cause

visitors to get lost in the old imperial city, but here are 10 accessible souks located in the Medina.

The market at the Andalous Quarter

This market is on the right street of the famous Riad Jamaï. It’s a true jewel for tourists, but daily life for the local fassis.

This souk has handmade chandeliers, slippers, bags, and many other souvenirs tourists can take back home.

Souk el Henna

This souk is like no other, being one of the oldest in the Medina, and although it is a little further than the main attractions, it is definitely worth a detour.

Some years ago, a hospital was located in the area and people gathered near it to sell henna and pharmaceuticals. Today, the products sold at the souk are more developed and the list includes black soap and other local cosmetics.

Souk el Henna, Fes, Morocco

The souk at R’cif Square

This souk is located in the heart of R’cif Square and provides the chance to take in the true colours and smells of Morocco.

It is mainly a food market to buy all the local products including fish, beef, and of course fruit and vegetables.

Place R’cif, Boulevard Ben Mohammed El Alaoui, Fes, Morocco

Boujloud Souk

Located right outside the famous Blue Gates of Fez, this is another souk to find little bits and pieces needed to cook a tagine at home.

Bab Boujloud, Fes, Morocco

Souk Al-Attarine

Souk Al-Attarine is a long and narrow street going from Talaato Medersa Al-Attarine. The street is filled with colourful spice stalls, dried fruit, nuts, plants, and even rustic clothing shops. It is the absolute perfect place to take pictures with backgrounds full of vivid colours.

Souk Al-Attarine, Rue Talaa Kebira, Fes, Morocco

Souk Mejjadliene

Souk Mejjadliene offers splendid traditional belts that usually go with kaftans or djellabas, but the belts can also be incorporated into a modern outfit with a Moroccan twist to it.

Souk Serrajine

Ranging in color and material from leather to animal skin or even regular fabric slippers, this is the main place to get Moroccan slippers from. Make sure to grab a pair or two as a souvenir.Traditional Moroccan babouches

Moroccan shoes

Souk Tillisse

This souk sells handmade Moroccan rugs at a fair price. It is a market locals often visit and where visitors will see the true colours of Moroccan streets. Rugs vary in colour, fabric, style of making, size, and much more. This is the ‘Ali Baba Cavern’ for rugs.

Souk Haïk

This is another market that sells all kinds of slippers, but don’t forget to take in the peaceful atmosphere thanks to the surrounding the whole souk and sounds of birds around the market.

Souk Jeld

Souk Jeld literally means ‘Leather Market’ in Moroccan. They offer leather bags, poufs, slippers, and even boots. Definitely worth having a look in here.Vibrant leather goods in a Fes market