Ziyarates Fès is a driver project, because for the first time in Morocco, housing with the inhabitant will have a legal framework. For this purpose, the project has been the subject of a convention whose partners and descriptions of their actions are listed below:

1. The Wilaya of the Fès Boulemane Region, supports the Fez ziyarate approach, which is being carried out under its aegis (notably the upgrading of 30 houses within the framework of the INDH).

2. The Urban District of Fes Medina ensured the restoration and upgrading of the 30 houses selected.

3. The Regional Tourism Council of Fez, the project owner, has established procedures to monitor quality maintenance and is responsible for promoting the project.

4. The Social Development Agency has set up a complete training program for host families (hygiene, history of the city, languages etc.) and a solidarity fund to accompany the project. Furnishing by the families of the allocated rooms.

5. the Union of Associations and Friends of Fez Medina, which is responsible for the management of the project and the centralization of the reservation.

Training for "tourism professionals": reception, cooking, storage and household (bedding ...), control of the security aspect, accompaniment in tourist activities was given to all families integrating the network.

A quality label ziyarates Fès marked with a sign is granted to the families members of the network, making it possible to differentiate the housing in the spontaneous inhabitant of the one who will have been selected in the framework of this project.

In terms of marketing, this website (as well as several communication media) has been created in order to let you know ziyarates Fès, its spirit but also, the availability of rooms at the inhabitant, through the Union of Associations and Humanitarian friends of the Medina, the only one authorized to reserve for you the selected rooms.