Ziyarates Fes Morocco :

Let's go find the exceptional, the rare, the mysterious ... Ziyarates Fès, invites you to share the daily family's life of the Fassies families, in their charming houses carved with wood or plaster, in a family atmosphere and warm, as if you were one of them ... Learn how to make the bread, take it to the neighberhood four.going to market and adventure into trading negotiations! To know the best addresses of the medina, behind the closed doors ... And soon, you will stroll nonchalantly in the streets that will become familiar to you.

Visit Fes Otherwise :

Ziyarates Fez tries to make you know Fez in its most authentic and inaccessible aspect: Fez, the spiritual. Participate in sacred songs where only old sages like to go; Discover unsuspected sites where great Intellectuals have lived and written their spiritual experiences; Understand the city in its essence; Are so many deep experiences that you will be led to live ...

Participate to city's developpement :

Immerse yourself in Fez then and decide together its future ... by reviving what made Fez once a city of exception. By choosing to travel in this way, the cultural experience you will experience will be incomparably rich and you will allow the fassie families that have been selected to safeguard their homes and make their culture known. Thus the Medina will remain alive, within its walls and in its soul ...